Why buying a boat is so 90's?

Back in 1995, you could buy a new 10-meter motor boat for 25.000 GBP and the average salary in the UK was 17.700 GBP so to buy a boat would be 1.5 times the average salary. In 2018, the average salary in the UK was 27700 GBP and you'd have to spend at least 120.000 GBP to acquire a new 10-meter boat... To keep it short it is now 4.4 times the average salary... so who buys now a boat? 

Will Millennials buy a boat?

I am a Millennial, born in 1989, and I made the mistake of buying a small boat, that I was able to use only 6 days in one season because I had to work very hard to be able to pay for the mooring in Palma, so finally I decided to sell it and start Bluebnc a B2C boat rentals and yacht charters platform. My boat ownership experience can be summarised in two good days; the day I bought it and the day I sold it, and the 6 days I was able to use the boat in between, which cost me 10.0000 GBP or what is the same 1.666 GBP/day. And you know what I could have rented exactly the same boat for 420GBP/day, check it here.

By 2020 40% of the workforce will be Millenials and we ride in UBER's , stay on Airbnb's and we can not afford to buy a property in most of the European Capitals. 

Buying a Boat is Expensive

If you are not a Millenial and belong to any of the previous "Richer Generations" and think that this is not for you, don't forget that boats are expensive! 

You first buy the boat, then get an insurance and then find somewhere to keep it, if you like the sunny Balearic Islands expect at least 1.000 Euros/meter/year up to 10 meters and 2.0000 Euros/meter/year for anything above that. The yearly cost of ownership of a boat is 10% of its original value and while the value of this asset will fall, the costs will rise. Our

American friends say that BOAT stands for "Bust Out Another Thousand"

How is it to rent a boat?

When you rent a boat, you pay for when you use it, and only when you use it, and you can rent different boats for different situations in different places. Want to rent a speed boat for a Day in Palma? Check here. Fancy a Luxury Yacht Charter in Ibiza? Check here. And if you'd like a 3 hours charter in Dubai, we've got you covered as well. Check all our destinations here. It is as simple as going online, choose any of our thousands of verified boats, check its availability and book!

What about the quality?

A boat is an expensive asset that requires professional maintenance, and if you don't hold a valid license or prefer to sit back and relax with an experienced Skipper we have them too. That is why all the boats on Bluebnc are Managed by Registered Charter Companies and Skippered by experienced Skippers that hold all the required certificates to skipper any of the boats, 100% legal = 100% reliable. 


Thanks for reading, if you want to know more feel free to send me an e-mail at info@bluebnc.com

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