Mallorca - Why Renting a Boat is Better than a Hotel Holiday

Mallorca is amazing. It is not without reason that only in 2017, 13,5 million people visited the sunny island. That this amount of people can lead to overcrowded beaches during high season is not a secret. More reasons why you should spend you next vacation on the water and why renting a boat is better than a hotel holiday? Continue to read!

Mallorca yearly attracts millions of tourists. For many of them it is not their first stay on the island. However, most of the people stay on land and have no idea, how beautiful Mallorca looks from the sea. So why not view the island from another perspective for once? Here is a list of pros, why you should visit Mallorca by boat, rather than going on a hotel holiday.

1. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with the best view

Boating allows you and your family to have breakfast in peace, without the hustle at a hotel's breakfast buffet. Also dinner on board is spectacular. Only having the horizon and a breathtaking sunset right in front of you, without having to book the best table at a fancy restaurant. 

2. Access great restaurants right from your boat

What if you are not in the mood to prepare a meal? No problem at all. Many restaurants that are located on the coastline offer shuttle services and catering. Find a list with our favourite spots here. Or anchor at one of Mallorca's beautiful ports, get dressed up and enjoy the finest cuisine overlooking beautiful yachts and sailboats. 

3. Swim in peace

Escape the daily sun lounger battle at the pool and at the beach. Swim whenever and where ever you want. With many of our boats having areas to sunbathe, you will never miss out again. The water is also much clearer and cleaner off shore than at the beach. Many of the boats listed on our platform are equipped with bathing ladders and platforms, which allow an easy way to get in or out of the water. If you are missing the sand jump on a dinghy and get to the beach by boat. If you anchor in a bay, the morning after you will surely be the first one in the water. 

4. Use nature to travel

Instead of renting a car and staying at a hotel just rent a boat. Use natures resources and sail solely with the force of the wind over the ocean. Or rent a motor boat and discover Mallorca'a most precious Calas in high speed.

5. An adventure you wont forget

Tie your relationships within your crew, friends or your family. The teamwork, the unforgettable adventures, new experiences and a lot of time together will bind the relationships of all travellers. 

6. Try something new

The Mediterranean sea is one of the best seas for boating. Especially in summer when the ocean is calm. Boating is not only for advanced sailors. Also beginners can go on a boat trip for several days or weeks by hiring a skipper on Book now and enjoy the boat live at its best. 

7. Its does not have to be as expensive as you'd think

Once the costs of hotels, car hires or taxis, restaurants and day trips are all added up it can get quite expensive. Especially in high season, hotels are usually very overpriced. A boat on the other hand, combines it all, for pretty much the same price! 

Any drawbacks? We didn't find any. Of course it must be said, that room and bathroom sizes aren't usually smaller than in a hotel room. But let's be honest, who goes on a holiday with the purpose to stay much inside. Apart from the incredible memories you will make, a boat vacation is priceless and will stay forever in your mind. 


Convinced that renting a boat is better than a hotel holiday? And are you ready for the adventure of your life? Then go to our website and book your boat now!

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