10 beautiful beaches to discover with boat rental in Ibiza

As the days get longer and warmer, we are starting to get excited for the upcoming boating season. If you can't wait until your main holiday this summer, escape your every day life for a weekend and head to Ibiza. Ibiza, or 'the white isle' - as the locals call it - is the perfect place for a weekend under the sun. Famous for its clubbing scene, Ibiza is also home to some of the best beaches in Europe - therefore a must for every beach junkie. Book your weekend-getaway, rent a boat on Bluebnc and explore postcard worthy spots with your private boat hire. Sounds like a plan? Then read on and we'll tell you more about Ibiza's Top 10 beaches to discover with a boat rental

Las Salinas

Las Salinas or Ses Salines - named after the salt lakes, just behind the beach - is one of the world's most famous beaches on the island. The beach charms its visitors with white sand, cool beach bars, chill out music and on top of that - with crystal clear water. Arrive with your yacht charter from Ibiza town, enjoy a fresh Mojito or two and listen to ibiza's best lounge beats, while gazing over this picture perfect place. Thanks to its beauty, Las Salinas beach is not only the go to place for yachties, but also for celebrities - so keep your eyes open ;) 

Cala Salada

Cala Salada and its sister beach Cala Saladeta are two of the prettiest beaches on Ibiza and probably the most photographed ones on Instagram. Small, but beautiful these two Calas can get very crowded in summer. The best way of getting to one of these jewels, is by boat. Hire a boat in San Antonio, which is only 20 minutes away and spend a relaxing day in Cala Salada. Usually you will not have any phone signal here - take advantage of that and switch of your head and enjoy the tropical atmosphere. Onshore there is a restaurant, which makes a great lunch spot, surrounded by lush green trees and azul blue waters. 

Cala Bassa

Rent a boat in San Antonio and visit Cala Bassa - a dream of golden sand and aquamarine blue water. This stretch of beautiful sand is a wonderful place for a day on the water with your family or friends. Enjoy one of the many water sport activities offered on the Cala Bassa beach or jump from the cliffs into the water. Onshore there are various beach restaurants and bars. Treat yourself to a fresh beer and enjoy Ibiza's hot summer sun. 

Cala Jondal 

Located in Ibiza's south, Cala Jondal is one of the most stylish beaches on the island. Home to the fashionable Blue Marlin beach club this is also a hotspot for celebrities and yacht owners. The beach club offers a pick-up service with a zodiac, which takes you from your yacht charter directly to a delicious cocktail on a sun bed. We recommend booking your spot in advance, as the beach club is very popular. 

Cala Tarida

Located on Ibiza's west-coast, Cala Tarida is a beautiful beach close to San José. With its soft white sand and crystal clear water, this place guarantees real Caribbean vibes. The beach is sheltered by a hill, which makes Cala Tarida a great place for boating adventures with you family. On the beach, you'll find several shops selling water toys, sunscreen and inflatables, as well as some popular restaurants. 

Cala Conta

Located in the north-west of the island, Cala Conta can be easily reached by boat from San Antonio. The beach lies just a few nautical miles from the San Antonio's port away. The beach itself is rocky with a few strips of sand between them. From the beach you can view various small islets - but be aware, a swim might to one of the islets might take you longer than expected, as the current here is very strong. Besides its beautiful beach and crystal clear waters, Cala Conta is famous for its magical sunsets. After your beach day head to the beach bar Sunset Ashram, listen to some beats and while away the evening, watching Ibiza's most beautiful sunset. 

Playa d'en Bossa

Playa d'en Bossa does not have those perfect aquamarine blue waters or a pine-tree fringed shoreline. However, if you want to experience Ibiza to the fullest, Playa d'en Bossa should definitely be on your to do list! Playa d'en Bossa is the longest beach on the island and home to most of Ibiza's legendary beach bars, luxury hotels and clubs. Whether you'd like to do water sport activities, play a volley ball match, sunbath on a balinese bed or party all day in one of the clubs - Playa d'en Bossa has it all. 

Cala Xarraca 

If you are spending a full week sailing around Ibiza, Cala Xarraca is one more beach to add to your bucket-list. Situated in the far north of the island, Cala Xarraca is a picturesque cove with extremely clear waters and therefore, perfect for snorkelling. The beach itself, is divided into three parts and has a traditional restaurant, offering local dishes. If you want to go for a hike, Cala Xarraca is a great place for trekking and exploring hidden caves. 

Es Portixol

Another beach on Ibiza's north coast, that is worth a visit it Es Portixol - A secluded bay with all shades of blue, enclosed by green hills. When sailing to Es Portixol enjoy spectacular views and the beautiful tranquility of mother nature. Apart from some old boat huts there is not much on the beach, which make this beach a real oasis of relaxation.  

Cala D'Hort 

Cala D'Hort is a stunning, little beach with crystalline waters and a narrow stretch of sand. Enjoy a swim and head to one of the beach shacks along the coast, where you can have a feast on fantastic sea food or enjoy the afternoon by a jar of Sangria. Apart from a picturesque scenery, Cala D'Hort also offers fantastic views over the island Es Vedra, which is only a few hundred meters from the shoreline. 


We hope that you liked this short Guide of Ibiza's best beaches to explore by boat. Are you ready to explore Ibiza from the sea? Then book your Ibiza Yacht Charter now! 


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