Don't miss out the most important safety tips for boating!

Boating is great fun, especially when doing it on your holiday. On our platform you can rent every boat you can think of. If you cant find what you want where you want let us know and we will try to locate what you need. Starting in the Balearic Islands, we have now expanded world wide. It doesn't matter if you already have a license or not.

However, you have to remember that boating is a sport and that you will be offshore and far away from any land or coastline, which is why it is important to follow a couple of basic rules. So don't miss out the most important safety tips for boating that must be observed, to guarantee you a hassle-free day on the water with your loved ones


The first rule and probably the most important one, always watch the weather forecast before departure! The best sources for that are TV and radio forecasts or you can also ask someone at the port, where the boat is located. If you see dark clouds or if thunderstorms are announced, we recommend you to delay your boat trip. The people letting out your boat will help to guide you with this. Also pay particular attention to high and low tides.  


Life jackets are not only for kids and non-swimmers. They can also be life-saving for adults. Especially on rough sea days it is recommendable to wear a life jacket. Before departure, confirm that there are enough life vest on board. 


The safety equipment should include a first aid kid, in case one of the crew members gets hurt or sick. Moreover, the boat you are renting must be equipped with a fire extinguisher. 


Make sure the boat you've rented is in good condition. All boats offered on our platform undergo a safety control before being listed and we make sure that they are in a good state.  


Before your departure, if going out without a captain, share your passage plan with someone on land, to provide rescue teams with information in case of an emergency. Write a short document with information about your itinerary, a description of your boat and names and ID-details of all passengers. 


Take the right equipment with you on your yacht charter. Make sure that you and your crew have enough water and food, as well as the right clothing. Take wind breakers, even on warm days, because it can get quite windy on the water. Also bring swimsuits and changing clothes if you are planing on dipping into the water in one of Mallorca's beautiful calas. Last but not least - take a lot of sun protection.  


The number one rule when anchoring: don't anchor too close to another boat. On windy days your boat might move, even when anchored, so make sure there is enough space between your and other people's boat. Besides that, on many places around the Balearic Islands the sand can be quite muddy, which is why the anchor might be moving underwater and relocating your boat. Also the island has a rule not to anchor in 'Posidonia' a Mediterranean seaweed that it important for the Waters ecosystem.

If you go for a swim, never swim to close to other boats. It can be very dangerous when a boat turns on its engines and people are in immediate proximity. Also, always be careful when jumping off the boat, ensure that there are no rocks in the water.  


Take the right choice of boat. If you own your own boating license but are a beginner or don't know the surrounding that well, is is important to get a boat you are able to handle. If you are looking for a bigger boat, you can always hire a skipper. Don't leave your comfort zone if you do not feel ready for it. If you are not hiring a skipper make sure that at least two people have the same level of knowledge about boating, in case something happens to the captain. 

Also, knowing how to swim is a big advantage when boating. If you are taking your kids with you, show them the basics and how to behave in case of an emergency. 


Always take a device for backup communication. Your cell phone might not have any signal offshore, which is why it is important to take a VHF radio in case on an emergency, they are provided on all Bluebnc boats


We always recommend to take a tool box with all essential engine spares if going out with out a captain. Most of our listed boats already have tool boxes aboard. Also double check, that your boat has enough fuel for your desired route. If you are not sure, take some extra fuel. If you hire a skipper, you do not have to worry about that, he takes responsibility for that and will make sure that all the essential tools are on the boat. 


This rule also applies to boating, just as it does with cars. Always be careful when mixing it up. If you are out and about to spend a fun day partying on a boat it is better to hire a skipper, even if you do have a boat license. The hot sun, alcohol and the open sea can be very dangerous in combination, which is why it is recommendable to have someone on your boat, that takes over the responsibility for operating the boat. Also, even if you have a skipper never party to hard when out at sea - alcohol can rise the risk of drowning immensely. 


Now rent your boat on, follow all the important safety tips for boating and we guarantee you will be having fun on the water, while doing it safely.

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