Sailing in Europe - the best routes for a week charter

Europe - consisting of 50 countries, most of them connected to the sea - offers plenty of options when it comes to yachting. Especially the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea are fantastic places for a boating holiday. The best time for sailing in Europe is from spring to autumn. Whether you have a motor yacht or a sailboat on your mind, Bluebnc offers yacht charters and sailing holidays in most boating destinations in Europe. Read on & find the best routes for you next week charter in Europe!  


With crystal clear waters, over 500 beaches and some of Europe's most modern ports, the Balearic Islands are a fantastic destination for a yachting holiday. The best starting point for a week-long boating adventure is Palma, the capital of Mallorca. Mallorca is the largest of the Balearics and offers endless beaches, that await to be explored. You can easily spend a full week sailing around the island. Explore the tropical south and the uninhabited island of Cabrera with its stunning National Park. Visit the east coast's romantic calas and secluded coves. Enjoy magnificent views over the rocky shoreline in the island's north and go beach-clubbing at Mallorca's vivid west coast.

If you want to make most out of your charter holidays, sail from Mallorca to Ibiza or Menorca. Ibiza is a paradise for all beach-lovers, hippy-souls and famous for its legendary nightlife. With Formentera just a stone's throw away, the island makes a great place for relaxing days by the sea and exciting nights ashore. If you are seeking a more laid-back and rural atmosphere - Menorca is your destination. Reachable from Mallorca's north in less than one sailing day, Menorca will fascinate you with tranquil beaches and a lush green vegetation. Take a look at all our available charters in and around the Balearics here


Often named as Europe's Hawaii, the Canary Islands are an archipelago of seven islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean. With their steady winds and all-year round pleasant climate, the Canary Islands offer perfect sailing conditions and therefore, are a fantastic place for a week-long sailing holiday. Gran Canaria is a great starting point for your yacht week. Situated in the heart of the Canaries, Tenerife and Fuerteventura are popular  boating itineraries from Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria itself, offers a great variety of white and black sandy beaches, stunning coastlines and lovely fishing villages - a fantastic combination for a week on the water. 


Is there anything better than driving along the Côte d'Azur in a luxurious car? Hard to believe, but Yes there is! Charter a luxury yacht and explore the stunning coastline of the French Riviera from the sea. Stretching from St. Tropez to Monaco, there are various costal cities, luxurious ports and breathtaking coves to discover. The Côte d'Azur's most popular itinerary for a week-long luxury yacht charter is the following: sail from Monaco to the south, passing the picturesque cities Antibes, Cannes, Nice and finally arrive in the charming St. Tropez. Apart from excellent boating conditions, the French Riviera is Europe's El Dorado for fine dining and extravagant events. Whether you'd like to enjoy a gourmet cruise or watch the famous Gran Prix in Monaco from your yacht charter - Bluebnc makes it possible - request a personalised yacht charter now!  


Do you have a weakness for delicious ice cream, white sandy beaches and aquamarine blue waters? Then spend your next summer holiday in Italy and rent a boat in Sardinia - Italy's best kept secret. If you are hiring a boat in Sardinia, prepare for 2000 km of magnificent coastline and heavenly beaches, some only accessible by boat. When yachting in Sardinia take the opportunity to visit the french island Corsica and explore two countries in one trip. Bonifacio, the southernmost port of Corsica, is just a short sail from Sardinia's north coast and definitely worth a visit. Corsica is the greener island of the two and offers plenty of activities, both on land and on water. Sardinia, on the other side, is perfect to take it easy and to enjoy the Dolce Vita. 


One of Europe's southernmost countries, Malta makes a great place to visit almost all year round. Whether you are heading to Malta in early Spring, during the hot summer months or in late Autumn, Malta is always a good idea for a boat trip. With world famous natural sights such as the Blue Lagoon, the Azure Window and Malta's neighbour islands Gozo and Comino, one sure does not get bored when renting a boat in Malta


Ever since the directors of "Games of Thrones" choose parts of the beautiful medieval towns of the Dalmatian coast as key location for their series, Croatia is one of the hottest summer destinations in Europe. Picture perfect beaches, small terracotta coloured fishing villages and a pine-tree fringed shoreline. The most convenient way to get most out of your holidays at the Dalmatian Coast and its many islands, is by boat.  Do it the traditional way and go on a Gulet Charter in Croatia. Bluebnc offers everything - from pirate-like family Gulets to boutique hotel-like luxury Gulets. Browse our best boats here


Can't decide wether you'd like to go to Italy or to Croatia? Go to Istria! Croatia's most norther part, lies just a stone's throw from Italy. Istria is a wonderful place for a combination of a boating holiday and a cultural experience. Visit local towns like Pula or the posh island Raab or cross the Adriatic Sea and visit Venice - a city fully constructed on the water. Another big advantage of Istria is its close proximity to the rest of Europe. It is very easy to reach and no airplane is needed to travel to northern Croatia, from most parts of Europe. 


The Ionian islands, or how the Greek call them 'The seven islands' are ranked among the best destinations for a sailing charter in the world. Apart from the seven principal islands, the Ionian Sea has lots of smaller islets, that are great to visit by boat. With a wonderful mediterranean climate and a smooth sea breeze, daily starting around noon, the Ionian Islands provide ideal sailing conditions. The Gouvia Marina in Corfu is one of the most popular embarking points for a sailing holiday in Greece. Sail along the stunning coastline of Corfu and visit the pretty beaches of Lefkada and Kefalonia. A must see when sailing around the Ionian Islands is the Shipwreck Beach on Zakynthos, an island in the far south. 


Mykonos, Naxos, Santorini...sounds like a dream holiday, right? When visiting Greece next time, charter a yacht in Athens and reach the outer Cyclades is less than 3 hours! In the past few years, the Cyclades have become a popular summer destination. No wonder, with their beautiful whitewashed coastal towns, crowned with cobalt blue roof tops and a spectacular hilly landscape, there is no place alike! Apart from a fascinating scenery, the Cyclades are also famous for a delicious Greek cuisine, its beach clubbing scene and of course for yachting.

We hope you liked our Guide with Europe's best sailing spots!

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