Sail from Mallorca to Ibiza & Formentera - Perfect guide

If you love the ocean, enjoy swimming in turquoise and crystal clear water, sail among dolphins, feel free on the water and ready for your next adventure, you should plan your next trip sailing in the Balearic island! Starting from Palma, down to Formentera, via Ibiza and back to Mallorca. Get inspired and read the perfect guide from one of our customers renting a Dufour 40 at sail from Mallorca to Ibiza & Formentera back to Mallorca again.

To sail in the Balearic has always been a dream, and now it became reality!

Tuesday & Wednesday

We started Tuesday afternoon from La Lonja Marina in Palma. The wind was very calm so we went with the engine the whole, evening, night and morning till we reached the paradise Formentera, perfect timing for the sunrise, it was so beautiful! Of course we were tired so we decided to sleep for a couple of hours. As we came so early, we got the perfect spot in the beach Illetas just in front of the restaurant “Es Ministre” were we had a fantastic lunch. It was the catch of the day, a John Dory in aioli with a crispy white wine. We went back to the boat, had a well deserved siesta, did some snorkelling, watched the sun set and went to bed. 



Let the anchor and raise the sails! Vamos a Ibiza! We sailed smooth the west coast of Ibiza in the sunshine, passed by the beautiful island “Isla de ves Vedrá” and dropped the anchor in Cala Tarida for lunch. In the late afternoon we were hitting Sant Antonio, Ibiza's second biggest city. The sailing was so beautiful and we arrived to the harbour perfect in time for the sunset. We had dinner in a small and cosy restaurant and had a nice walk in charming Sant Antonio before it was time for bed.


Our friends from Amsterdam were on the island the same time so we decided to have a nice breakfast in the harbour and then went out with the boat for a couple of hours to show them the beauty of the coast. In the afternoon we went back to Mallorca to the small fishing town Andratx. We arrived around midnight and had a good night sleep before we started a new adventure on Mallorca.


We went for a breakfast in the pretty Harbour at Cafe Cappuccino before we raised the sail to our next destination, Soller! The beauty of this island is hard to put in words! Massive mountains, deep blue water and bright sunshine… We stopped for lunch in Deia in a restaurant they go to in the popular series “The night manager” called Cas Patron March. Fantastic seafood and a even more fantastic view, will definitely go back! As we sailed into the harbour in Soller, we happen to perfectly match the sunset which was amazing! Soller is such a charming port and you fall in love immediately! The port invited for paella and sangria, but we had already booked a restaurant so we just had a starter together with other boaties and then did Soller by night!


Time to get back to Palma where we rented our boat. We had some friends over and sailed from 11:00 in the morning to 21:00 in the evening! Perfect wind and sunshine all day. We stopped for picnic in Cala Egos, a hidden GEM in the west coast. After lunch sailing on the coast we got company! Guess what? We were sailing with dolphins! They were so many and played with the boat. It was totally amazing and we couldn't  have had a better end of a fantastic journey. 


So in 6 days we did 4 islands and 280 nautical miles. To rent a boat and Sail from Mallorca to Ibiza & Formentera is definitely something we will recommend and do again. An experience we will live long for… can't wait for next summer!

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