Renting a boat with your pet - Everything you need to know

Pets are part of the family and for many people it is not easy to leave them behind when going on a trip. If you consider taking your dog on your next boat rental, we have some essential tips for you:


There is quite some paperwork necessary when travelling or renting a boat with your pet. Most people that got on an air plane with their pet, know what we are talking about. Compared to other places, Europe is a great place though, for boating with cats or dogs. If your dog has the European pet passport you can set sail without any problems. We also recommend to have your pet chipped. A microchip is very helpful for all vets to track your dog and get information about its owner when lost. 


Life jackets

Life jackets are essential. Even for your pet. There are special life vest available for pets. Make sure that you get the right size, in order to protect your animal from drowning. Even if your dog is a water breed, it is good to have a life jacket for stormy days. A life jacket can be quite uncomfortable for dogs, if they never wore one before. This is why we recommend you, to make your pet wear it on land before, so it can get used to it. 

Harness and leashes

Always bring a leash and a harness in case of rough sea days and bad weather conditions. 


If your pet is too big to be carried in and out the boat, make sure that your rented boat has a boarding ramp. It makes the boarding a lot easier for your dog. On our platform you will find a description and pictures of every listed boat. 


It is important to bring enough food and plenty of water before setting sail. The sun and the sea breeze can make your pet quite thirsty, which is why you should always have enough water in stock. Dog and cat food should be stored in a waterproof bag or a dry place. When feeding your pet, make sure to place the food bowl on a flat surface and not in the v-berth, to prevent your pet from getting seasick. Yes, also animals can suffer from seasickness. 


When dogs spend the majority of the day out on the water, they can be sensitive to the sun or even suffer from a sunburn, just like us humans. There is special sun protection for dogs, that should be applied on their belly and other spots that are not covered enough with fur. 


Just like kids, dogs might get bored too and need their daily dose of entertainment. So make sure to bring enough toys when going aboard. Also make sure, especially when renting a sailing boat, that your pets don't play around with the sails and other fragile items.  


Especially when renting a boat, it is important to try your best keeping it clean. Dogs might bring a lot of dirt and sand on the boat. Therefore it is recommendable to take some extra towels, so that you can dry them from the water and wipe the sand off. Another topic that has to be discussed is the bathroom business. Some dogs can be trained to "go" on a certain spot. Astro turfs or litter boxes are used quite often for that. However, many pets are quite uncomfortable when having to do their business aboard. If that is the case, then make sure to schedule regular stops and take your pet for a walk. Also, make sure in advance, that dogs are permitted when doing an on-land-break. 

Before renting a boat, make sure that pets are allowed on board and that the crew and the skipper don't mind the presence of your fury friend. 


We hope this post helps you to have a hassle-free time when renting a boat with your pet

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