Motor Yacht, Sailboat or Catamaran? Find your perfect boat!

Are you ready to rent a boat this summer, but don't know which one to get? No problem! This guide will help you to make the right choice. Continue reading and find out which boat suits your needs best! Motor Yacht, Sailboat or Catamaran...

If you are new to boating it can be quite hard to choose the right boat. Some boats are better for longer stays, others are only suitable for day trips. Here is an explanation of all our boats:

Motor Yacht

Motor yachts are great boats. They are luxurious, very comfortable and they have all the amenities that are necessary for a beautiful stay. They usually are more spacious than sailboats and therefore are a great choice if your plan is to make a longer trip. Motor boats are also a fantastic choice if you would like to spend a relaxed day with your friends or family taking cool pictures, partying or just having a good time. A Motor yacht moves much faster than a sailboat thanks to its powerful engines.

On our platform we offer various options. Luxurious yachts, speed boats, ribs and day cruisers. Day Cruisers are smaller than yachts but are just as comfortable. They are a great choice for a weekend trip and if you and your crew are keen for some fishing, water skiing and wake boarding. A rib on the other side is only suitable for day and half day rentals, as they do not have a cabin or amenities. 

Event though Motor boats are most people's favourite choice, it must be said, that you will spend some extra money in fuel. Depending how far you'd like to go from the coast line, costs can rise immensely. Also, the bigger the boat, the more fuel it needs. The good thing about motor boats is, that you can travel any time - just turn the key, you don't depend on the wind. 

Sailing boat 

Sailing boats are every adventurers dream. They are propelled by sails and don't need much fuel. The typical sailboat is also called mono hull. If you want to be closer to the nature and are looking for a boat that is environmentally friendly sailboats are the right thing for you. The big advantage of sailboats is, that they can cross large distances, since no refuel is necessary. Which is also why fuel costs are very low compared to motor boats. Another advantage is that sailboats are quiet. Motor boats on the contrary, can get quite noisy. If you rent a sail boat for a longer trip, make sure you have enough time. Travelling with a sailboat is way more time consuming, than travelling with a motorboat. 


Catamarans provide great stability and withstand all weather conditions, thanks to their two hulls. That makes them a great choice for longer journeys.  If you and your crew would like to relax just above the water and catch some sun at the same time, the trampoline on the front side of every catamaran will be the perfect spot. Catamarans usually are more spacious than mono hulls and the better choice when travelling with seniors, small children or people that tend to get seasick. With a catamaran you can also anchor in shallower waters than with a mono hull. But they are wider, which can get tricky in narrow bays. 

Before renting a boat, also clarify with your crew if hiring a skipper is necessary. Most beaches and calas in the Balearic Island are easily accessible by boat. Some others are quite narrow and rocky, which is why you should make sure that the size of your boat is suitable and that you are qualified to anchor the boat smoothly.  If you'd like to hire a captain, you can do that on our platform. Also, make sure there is enough space on board for your crew.

All listed boats on our platform have a description with all relevant details. Make sure to read everything carefully before booking or give us a call at +34 971 251 374. 

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