Menorca's top 8 beaches to discover by boat

If you have been to Menorca already, you know that this place is an absolute paradise of wild pine forests and heavenly beautiful beaches and coves. Anyone who hasn't been to Menorca yet, should definitely put it on his or her bucket list. Quieter then its sister islands Ibiza and Mallorca, Menorca is a wonderful place for a relaxing sailing holiday or a luxury yacht charter. Take a look at Menorca's top beaches to discover by boat now. 

  • Cala Macarella & Macarelleta 

Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta are Menorca's probably most famous beaches. Located in the south, the water in this cove is so clear, boats appear to be flying over the ocean. Cala Macarella, the bigger one, is perfect for snorkelling and cliff jumping. Thank's to their fame, both beaches can get quite crowded during the summer months. Therefore, the best way to arrive is by boat. Swim in crystal clear water and enjoy the beautiful scenery in pure tranquility. 

  • Cala Turqueta

A stunning, virgin beach on Menorca's south coast, Cala Turqueta is a wonderful place to spend a hot summer day. If you are planning on visiting Cala Turqueta by car, come early, as it gets very crowded. If you come by boat, prepare for a fantastic day on the water and make sure to take your snorkel gear and a picnic, as there are no facilities on the beach! 

  • Cala Mitjana

If you are dreaming of white sand, lime-stone cliffs and light blue water, head to Cala Mitjana. This picture-perfect place lies just a short stroll from Cala Galdana away. As it can get very busy, hire a boat in Cala Galdana and sail along the beautiful shoreline. 

  • Cala Trebaluger 

If you've rented a boat and Cala Mitjana is too busy, continue your boating adventure and head a few miles to the east, where you will find the stunning Cala Trebaluger. With a beach just as pretty as the one in Cala Mitjana, this place is far less crowded. Enjoy a swim in the aquamarine blue waters of Cala Trebaluger or head to the beach and explore the natural reserve on foot. 

  • Cala de Cavalleria

If you are boating in Menorca's north, head to Cala de Cavalleria. In contrast with the white sandy beaches in Menorca's south, Cala de Cavalleria has a red-orange beach, which makes the water look incredibly blue. A picturesque wooden staircase takes you to from the beach up to the hill from where you can enjoy this beautiful scenery. If the wind blows to strong in Cala de Cavalleria, head westwards, sail around the peak of Cala de Cavalleria to Cala Pregonda, which is covered by two islets and protects you from the wind throughout the day. 

  • Cala Tortuga 

Located in the heart of the Grau Natural Park, on the north east of the island, Cala Tortuga is a paradise for all sea and yachting lovers. The beach remains usually quiet, as visitors have to either arrive by boat, or go on a 1.2 km hike from the nearby Cala Presili. 

  • Calas Coves 

Surrounded by majestic cliffs, Calas Coves is a must when on a sailing holiday in Menorca. Two coves with deep blue water, mystic cliffs and a beautiful scenery - Definitely worth a visit! 


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