APA - Everything you need to know about it and how it works!

Interested in chartering a private motor yacht, but you are not a boatie and terms like APA are completely new to you? We understand that a lot of boat terms can be very confusing to newbies. In this post we will tell you why the APA exists and how it works!

Lets start at the beginning...

When chartering a yacht generally the charter fee includes the hire and the crew. But what happens with all the extra costs, like food, mooring fees and so on? This is when the APA comes in.

In yachting the term APA stands for Advanced Provisioning Allowance. The APA covers all the extra costs that are not included in the charter rate, such as the fuel, food and beverages, the docking, private marina fees. The APA creates a money deposit for both the captain and the chef. The captain will stock up the yacht before takeoff and will keep track of the APA deposit during the charter period. Moreover the APA covers as well all your special request you may have. For example, if you would like to have the best Italian wine on the yacht the crew will do anything to make that possible, but of course you must pay for it - therefore the APA. 

When does it apply?

Is applies on almost all luxury yacht charters. However, some luxury yacht charters also offer all inclusive packages, but that is more commonly in the east of Asia. 

How much is the APA?

The amount of the APA is usually 30% of your charter fee. However, rates can range from 25 up to 35%, depending on how much fuel the yacht spends or if you are planning on cruising around more than 4 hours per day. In that case the percentage will automatically rise.

When do I pay the APA?

The APA has to be paid in advance, before takeoff. Generally the APA is due at the same time as the final payment of the charter fee. 

What happens if I spend more or less?

30% of the charter fee is a very realistic amount for all the extras. However, the costs usually don't match the exact amount that has been spend during your yacht charter. If more money has been spend, you must pay the difference before disembarking. Of course, the opposite may apply as well. In that case, the captain will reimburse the difference at the end of the charter. The captain keeps all receipts and will updated you on all your spending on a regular basis if you wish so. 

What if the APA is higher than my budget?

If the APA is much higher than your planned budget, there is always the possibility to talk to the charter company or the captain. If both sides agree on a reasonable number and if you keep you "special requests" as well as your desired itinerary within bounds, they might accept a lower rate. 

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We hope that we could answer your questions about the APA.  

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