A boat trip with your kids - Everything you need to know!


Boating is fun - especially when you can share the experience with your family and kids. Children love to be out on the waters and discover the world from the boat. However, there are some simple rules that should be followed, to avoid any risks and to guarantee your family a hustel-free day. In this post you will find some important tips that should be respected when planning a boat trip with your kids

The right equipment

Children should already be wearing a life jacket before going on board, as the harbour and landing stages could entail major risks, especially for non-swimmers. All boats that are listed on our platform bluebnc.com undergo inspection and have sufficient vests on board. Another factor is the size of the life vest. Life jackets should not be too big, nor too small.Therefore it is recommended to make sure that there are adequate life jackets available. Most life jackets for kids have a head cushion to provide stability and to prevent the sinking of a  toddler's head. 

In addition to that, we recommend you to bring a pair of arm floats for children that are non-swimmers, in case you are planning on doing a swim break. 

It can get very windy at sea. Therefore you should make sure to bring enough clothes as well as a windbreak for your kids. After taking a swim, we recommend you to change your children's wet bathing suit to prevent them from getting a cold. 

Pay attention to the sun. Kids are enjoying themselves the whole day in the sun, which is why they have to drink plenty of water. Besides drinking enough water, a strong sunscreen is essential. Sun rays are reflected by the water, which is why the sun is more aggressive to the skin when being on a boat. We recommend you to put sunscreen on your kids several times a day and protect their heads with a cap or likewise. 

On very sunny days, make use of the bimini top to provide shade on board. On our platform bluebnc.com you can find a detailed description of facilities of all our listed boats, so make sure, that the boat you will book meets your criteria. 

Rules aboard

When at sea, caution is necessary. The rules and orders a captain briefs have to be followed by every passenger, meaning your kids will have to stick to them as well.

A boat is a vehicle. Therefore it is strictly forbidden to push any buttons or levers during you boat charter, if not ordered by the captain. Including the children into boating can be advantageous for both - children and family. Kids can get more responsible and at the same time a strong family bond can be created. Besides that, the little ones have a good time, feel important and know that they are part of the team. 

Especially when boating with toddlers we recommend you to book a boat with a rail. Rails prevent the drop of objects into the ocean, and more importantly - of children. Nevertheless, parents should always keep an eye on them. 

It is also important to follow the captain's rules when taking a swim. The most important rule is, to not swim below the boat, since it can be extremely dangerous for small children. 

Entertainment aboard

There is only very limited space on a boat. Children can get bored after cruising for several hours.  Therefore we recommend to think about entertainment possibilities in advance. Things such as diving goggles, snorkels and fins on board are often a good way to ensure your children will have a good time. Most of our listed boats on our platform bluebnc.com supply these items, however, feel free to bring your own. Buckets and small fishing nets are awesome for kids, especially if your spending time in a cove for the day. If you would like to bring floats, just make sure there is enough space on your rented boat. Things such as card games, game boys or books also serve as a good method to keep your kids busy whilst giving them a break from the sunshine.


That's it. Now go and enjoy an awesome day with your family on one of our boats. We wish you a great time!

Have a look at the different boats we have available. For more information or if you need further assistance with choosing the right boat, please call: +34 971 251 374. We'd be happy to help!

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