8 good reasons to spend your next vacation on the Balearics

Turquoise waters, delicious tapas and only few hours away from home. The Balearic Islands offer everything, a holidaymaker could ask for. In this post we name you 8 good reasons, why you should spend your next holiday in Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca or Formentera.  

1. Mediterranean climate

The Balearic Islands score with an average of 300 sunny days a year. Even during winter, temperatures usually won't drop below 15 degrees Celisus. Therefore the Balearic Islands are a perfect all year round holiday destination. If sunbathing and a beach or boat holiday are your thing, we recommend you to visit the islands during summer. If the strong summer sun is too hot for you, you should consider visiting Mallorca, Ibiza or Menorca in winter. The winter is the perfect time to enjoy long hikes, to bike through the empty streets, for adventurous speedboat rides along the beautiful coastline or for a shopping trip in Palma. Most cities and towns are very quiet during winter. Palma on the contrary, has tourism all year round. Also spring and autumn are wonderful seasons - probably the best seasons - on the islands. The islands are green, the days can get hot and there is always a slight sea breeze - perfect conditions for nature lovers, boat lovers and adventurers. 

2. Culinary Highlights

Spain's probably most famous dish is the paella. Paella is served in almost all traditional restaurants on the Balearic Islands. For dinner many locals like to enjoy tapas. Tapas are small appetisers, served hot or cold. Since the three islands are situated in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, they also serve the freshest fish and seafood you can imagine. The typical dessert in Mallorca and Menorca is the Ensaïmada. A oven baked sweet, that is sometimes filled with jam. Have you ever tried it? 

3. Breathtaking bays

The Balearic Islands officially have 320 beaches. That those can get very crowded during summer season is not a secret. However, there are some few calas (Spanish word for small bay), that are still spared from mass tourism. For example the beautiful Cala Màrmols (pictured above) on Mallorca's south coast. That's why you should rent a boat on your next stay and enjoy the calmness of the ocean, while exploring the most beautiful spots with your very own boat rental.  

4. Excellent infrastructure

The Balearic Islands have an excellent infrastructure compared to the rest of Spain. Streets and highways are newly built and in perfect condition. Also shopping malls and airports have an incredibly good infrastructure. Particularly pretty are the ports. The ports on the Balearic Islands count to the most modern and stylish ports in the whole Mediterranean sea. 

5. Geographic location and flight connection 

The Balearic Islands are scenically very attractive. From dramatic mountain ranges, like the Tramontana mountains in Mallorca, to flat costal landscapes, natural parks, olive groves, crystal clear waters and charming alleys - the islands offer a very diversified panorama.  

Besides beautiful landscapes, the geographic location is an essential point, why so many people visit the islands every year. Within 2 to 3 hours by plane you will reach the airports in Palma, Eivissa and Mahón. Very cheap airfares and daily flight connection make it possible to visit the Balearic Islands also for a weekend trip. 

6. The entertainment factor

The Balearic Islands are a perfect destination for all age groups. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a relaxing spa-vacation or a party getaway - the Balearic Islands offer something for basically anybody. Young party-makers will have the best time on Ibiza and Mallorca. For those seeking some relaxed days on the Balearic Islands, or that want to enjoy the beautiful nature, Menorca and Mallorca are the right places to go. Would you like to explore all islands, then rent a boat and cruise around the three. 

Mallorca is also a very good place to go with children. The island offers a couple of water parks, dozens of playgrounds and many other family friendly attractions. 

7. Water sports

The main tourism takes place in summer. This is due to the warm temperatures, the breathtaking beaches and also due to the fact, that the islands offer a lot of activities for tourists. Especially if it comes to water sports. From kayaking, to jet skiing, to kite surfing and stand up paddling - anybody will find an individual activity. If you are spending your holidays with a group of friends or family, you should definitely rent a boat and spend an unforgettable day swimming and snorkelling. Find our current offers on bluebnc.com

8. Formentera

In the south of Ibiza, there is another small island called Formentera. Formentera has the most beautiful beaches and the clearest waters you could possibly dream of. This is why the island is the favourite spot of most boaters. From Ibiza you can reach the island within a few sailing hours. For all of those, seeking an adventure, we recommend renting a boat in Mallorca and sail to this beautiful place along Ibiza's precious coastline. 


Could we convince you?

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