5 good reasons for a Yacht Charter at the Dubrovnik Riviera

Stunning beaches, picturesque medieval towns and a magical underwater world. The Dubrovnik Riviera is full of treasures and natural gifts. The best way to explore this amazing piece of earth is by boat! Why? Read on! In this post we will name you 5 good reasons for a Yacht Charter at the Dubrovnik Riviera

1. Sailing adventures in Europe's greatest boating hub

Croatia is home to over 1000 islands and a paradise for anyone who loves the sun and the sea. With its turquoise waters and warm Mediterranean climate, Croatia has established itself to one of the world's most popular boating hubs in the past few years. Especially the Dubrovnik Riviera is a great place for island hopping. Rent a boat and explore this jewel on the Adriatic sea. Whether you and your friends go on an organised yacht charter week or you'd like to book a boat rental in Dubrovnik spontaneously - don't miss out on a fantastic boat trip! 

2. Explore Dubrovnik's treasures 

Dubrovnik, located in Croatia's south, is an impressive city in many ways. Its ancient city walls remind one of medieval times, which is probably why the city has been also chosen as a backdrop for various scenes in the global hit series Game of Thrones. Apart from its scenic historical center, the Dubrovnik Riviera is home to some stunning natural parks and other treasures. Visit the beautiful natural park on Croatia's greenest island Mljet with your Dubrovnik boat rental. With a distance of only about 15 nautical miles, Mljet makes a great destination for a day charter from Dubrovnik's charming harbour. A must see when vacationing in Dubrovnik is the coastal town Cavtat. Situated at the southern end of the Dubrovnik Riviera, this is a wonderful ancient town, known for stunning beaches and a very laid-back flair. 

3. Visit the neighbour countries by boat  

Sail from Dubrovnik 60 nautical miles southwards and visit Kotor. Kotor is one of Montenegro's most beautiful cities. Home to a spectacular port surrounded by pine trees and an impressive mountain range, Kotor should definitely be on your bucket-list when sailing across the Adriatic sea. If you are planning a longer charter, then explore the splendid Albanian coast or cross the Adriatic Sea and head to Bari, Italy. Thinking about sailing the whole summer? Then Greece might be an option for you! Corfu, Greece's biggest island in the northern part of the country lies about 300 nautical miles from Dubrovnik's Riviera. 

4. Enjoy Dubrovnik's breathtaking beaches 

With over a 1000 islands it is no wonder that Croatia has some amazing beaches to offer. Most of our favourite beaches are located on the Dubrovnik Riviera. If you are a beach lover and travelling through Croatia on a yacht charter, don't miss out on visiting this nautical paradise! The best beaches along the Dubrovnik Riviera to visit by boat are Sveti Jakov, the magnificent white pebble beaches around the island Lokrum and the iconic Banje beach.  

 5. Croatia's amazing food 

Every region in Croatia has its own local dishes and unique cuisine. Stretching along the Adriatic Sea, the Dubrovnik Riviera offers fantastic sea food. If you love a good fish, you are at the right address, but don't miss out on the delightful traditional dishes when in Dubrovnik. Try the famous black risotto, treat yourself to some stewed mussels, a Zelena Menestra - a delicious green stew, accompanied by a glas of local wine. For desert? A homemade Rakia - of course! ;) 

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